Our Services

Provision Of Full Accounting And Administration Services For Racehorse Owners And Breeders.

1. Disbursing all relevant payments inclusive of VAT on owner’s behalf such as disbursements to trainers, veterinary practitioners, transport companies, horseracing authorities and any other payments to service providers connected therewith.

2. Providing the owners with an accounting record of all financial transactions by means of:-

– Monthly Statements

– Income And Expense Records of every horse whenever required.

3. Collection of stakes and distribution to shareholders.

4. Reclamation of Value Added Tax inputs and payment of Value Added Tax outputs on behalf of the owners.

5. All other associated services connected to syndication and partnerships in
horse racing and breeding.

6. Comprehensive insurance cover for owners and breeders, if required and by agreement with the Administrator.

7. Racing progress reports from trainers.